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Cuisine in Town

Call: (952) 500-8954
12609 Nicollet Avenue
Burnsville, MN 55337-2862

Our Menu

Tawakal Restaurant, a Somali restaurant in Burnsville, Minnesota, serves up exotic and appetizing East African food.

Breakfast Choices
Start your day off right with a filling and delicious breakfast that comes with your choice of beverage such as juice, tea, pop, or coffee.

 • Mulawah with Chicken Curry: $7 
 • Goat Liver with Jabati: $7 
 • Mulawah with Beef Curry: $7 
 • Beef Curry with Jabati: $7
• Goat Liver with Mulawah: $7
• Eggs with Bread: $7

• Goat Liver with Pita Bread: $7
•Liver Wrap with Tea: $7
•Beef Curry with Injera: $7
•Goat Liver with Bread (White or Wheat): $7
•Bur (Flat, Fried Bread) with Tea: $3
•2 Sambusa (Similar to Egg Roll) with Tea: $4

African Food, Somali Restaurant in Burnsville, MN

Lunch & Dinner Combo
No matter how busy you are, remember to eat lunch! Our lunches come with a beverage of your choice.

 •Chicken Leg with Rice or Spaghetti: $10
 •Tilapia Fish with Rice or Spaghetti: $10
 •Chicken Barbeque with Rice or Spaghetti: $10
 •Goat Meat with Rice, Macaroni or Spaghetti: $10
 •Chicken Steak with Rice or Spaghetti: $10
 •Beef Steak with Rice or Spaghetti: $10
 •Filet Steak with Rice or Spaghetti: $10
 •Chicken Curry with Rice or Spaghetti: $10
 •Chicken Fantastic (Made with Bell Peppers, Onions &
  Chicken) with Rice or Spaghetti: $10
 •Beef Curry with Rice or Spaghettie: $10
 •Kay Kay (Made with Bell Peppers, Onions, Jappati &  
  Chicken):  $10
 •Chicken Salad, Pita Bread & Home Made Vegetable Soup: $8
 •Fish Salad with Jappati & Home Made Vegetable Soup: $8
 •Pasta Alfredo (Made with Chicken Alfredo, Onions & Bell
  Peppers): $10
 •Ugali with Sukuma Wiki and Goat Meat (Made with Maize
  Flour Corn Meal): $10
 •Beef or Chicken Curry with Ethiopian Ingera: $10
 •Lunch Special (Fridays Only): Chicken Mango with Rice or 
  Spaghetti: $10 
 •Sport for 2 - Chicken, Fish, Beef, Goat Meat (Sample Platter) 
  include Side Salad & Beverage: $20

Kid's Menu

•Quesadillas with Fries: $8
•Chicken Nuggets with 
 Fries: $6

Choose from our many tasty sandwiches topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, served with the beverage of your choice.

 • Beef Sandwich: $6
 • Chicken Sandwich: $6 
 • Fish Sandwich: $6 
 • Gyro Wrap: $6
 • Seasoned Fries: $3
• Fish Sandwich with Fries: $8  
• Gyro Wrap with Fries: $8
• Chicken Sandwich with Fries: $8
• Beef Sandwich with Fries: $8
• Philly Cheesesteak with Fries:


 • Sambusa (Filled with
   Ground Beef & Onions): 
   $1.50 Each

• Bur (Flat, Fried Bread): $1 Each



 • Mixed Fruit Smoothie: $3.50
 • Strawberry Smoothie: $3.50

• Mango Smoothie: $3.50
• Banana Smoothie: $3.50


 • Baklava: $2 per Piece
 • Carrot Cake: $2 per Piece

• Cheesecake: $2 per Piece




Contact us today in Burnsville, Minnesota, to enjoy an ethnic breakfast, lunch, or dinner at our Somali restaurant.

"This is an absolutely wonderful way to experience authentic African and Ethiopian food! The experience took me back to Africa and the varied dishes we experienced a few years back. Do not miss an opportunity to visit Takawal. The food is not spicy, is very tasty, and is prepared and served by some of the most hospitable people we have ever met. This is such a treat for our area and well-worth the drive."  Dan T, Skokie. From Trip Advisor

Love Tawakal!
Diner Review • Dec 16, 2013
We had Tawakal delivered for a work function- EVERYONE was raving about it! Great sambusa & amazing rice. Super friendly owners. 5 stars!  From Urban Spoon